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Father's Day - The 4 Pack

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  • Rub-A-Dub: the one that goes with any meat, veggie, and even eggs, and is a top performer on the grill or in a smoker, and versatile in the kitchen too. With a mix of salt, tomato, smoked black pepper and garlic this blended version is the GOAT of all-purpose rubs. (8oz jar)
  • Umami Dust: introducing the next level of flavor... SUPERGIANT flavor.  Umami dust gives you that Umami experience on its own or even more when combined with some Oink or Rub-A-Dub.  Make your food out of this world amazing (7oz jar)
  • Oink: this rub’s bacon-forward flavor with sweet maple and brown sugar is a favorite for BBQ pork, and it’s also an epic flavor twist for beef and chicken – grilled or smoked. (7oz jar)
  • Island Boys Coffee: a Hawaiian style rub made with pearled brown sugar, vegetables, spices and a subtle finish of dark roast coffee for an elevated earthy, smokey taste. Works perfectly on any meat or seafood, and especially comes alive with BBQ ribs, brisket and pulled pork. (7oz jar)
  • Chef J's BBQ Gloves: Heavy duty cotton chore gloves that are a great underliner for your BBQ nitrile gloves.  These can handle anything you throw at them from pork to brisket to the laundry (1 Pair)

+ Elegantly packed red gift box. All you need to do is put a bow on it.

 All natural. Gluten-free. MSG-free. No artificial flavors. No preservatives.

“Hey, these flavors don’t suck." - Chef J



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