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On a Mission

Welcome to Chef J’s BBQ Provisions, where we’re on a mission to help BBQ friends level up their grill game and create core memories of making their guests’ taste buds rock.

Our line-up of flavor-packed BBQ and cooking products, including mouthwatering rubs, brines, sauce, and caramels, are born from Chef J’s relentless quest to elevate grilled tastes to new heights. Each product is the result of Chef J’s tireless experimentation with ingredient selections, measured mashups, and blending techniques. Countless trials and at least a dozen tweaks for each product helped to ensure that every flavor profile is nothing short of epic.  

How We Got Our Start

In the mid-2000s, Chef J started crafting unique flavor products to spice up Colorado's food scene. His exclusive menus at local food industry events were a hit. When he became Ace Hardware's BBQ expert, hosting grilling demos nationwide, fans clamored for his rubs. In 2012, Ace Hardware, the go-to for grill enthusiasts, embraced Chef J's BBQ Provisions, bringing his unique flavor creations to grill aisles across the nation.

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Fired Up! 

The demand for Chef J’s BBQ Provisions has been blazing a trail over the years, fueled by Chef J’s growing community of BBQ friends on social media. So in 2023, we decided to turn up the heat by rebranding, ramping up production at our new state-of-the-art facility in Colorado, and making our products more readily accessible through e-commerce.  

The Chef J BBQ Badge

Chef J's outdoor cooking passion was ignited during his boy scout days, and the badge proudly displayed on our label is more than just a logo; it's a symbol of his commitment. It represents his earned trust within the BBQ community, built by sharing his grill expertise and groundbreaking recipes. It’s a badge he intends to keep earning by offering grilling video tutorials, tips, and friendly candor to ensure your BBQ doesn’t suck. Watch this space!

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