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I take great care—and great pride—in everything I make. And if you’re here, that means you do too. I love food. And I developed these products with that love, and my passions for Colorado and Hawai’i, in mind.


Unbelievably savory rubs. From all-purpose/everything to protein-specific to meat-over-coals cuisine-inspired classics. I’ve got you covered. Literally.


The best way to tenderize and flavorize tougher cuts of meat, or meat that can dry out over time, is brining. The easiest, most flavorful way to brine is to use one of my savory brine mixes paired with one of my brine bags.


You up for a flavor adventure? I developed these products because I love to find the balance between sweet and salty, but I also like a little bit of heat. So if that’s your jam, then these are also your jam.

Fire Honey

Vinegary tartness, two kinds of chilis, citrus, and applewood smoked salt make this hot honey a flavor bomb. It’s sticky and kicky on beef, pork, chicken, lamb, seafood, fruit & veg, bread & pastries, ice cream, and whatever else your heart desires.

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